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Onshore Radar and VTS

Through our expertise in the field of Marine Electronics we provide support services to the Lerwick Port Authority and Shetland Islands Council to keep the systems utilised in their Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operational.

For Lerwick Port Authority this includes routine maintenance of their radar sites at Rova Head in Lerwick, Maryfield and Kirkabister Lighthouse in Bressay. At their port control office in Lerwick we look after all communications equipment as well as their CCTV system which enables the operator a full overview of all marine traffic and operations going on in Lerwick harbour.

Similarly on behalf of the Shetland Islands Council at Sella Ness near Sullom Voe Oil Terminal we provide routine assistance to the marine electronic engineer permanently based at the VTS to ensure all systems operate correctly. This includes routine maintenance of systems including their three radar sites at Brough, Vats Houllands and the Sella Ness port control building and remote VHF/AIS stations and associated communication equipment.